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in celebration of female relationships

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female fiction
Saffic is a community designed to share, read and celebrate fanfic, drabbles, icons, recs and fanart that focus on the relationships between women. We're a multifandom comm, ranging from the gargantuan fandoms to the rare and quirky. You're sure to find something you'll like... We're also probably the only cross-fandom archive to have more Enid Blyton stories than any other fandom.

Femmeslash (or yuri and shoujo-ai) and erotica are welcome, as are gen stories that focus on other strong female bonds such as friendship, sister, rival and mother-daughter relationships.

What are not encouraged are sex-for-the-sake-of-sex stories of the "unmotivated orgy PWP" kind. Try for a little characterisation. Same goes for stories in which female interaction is for the benefit of a watching or participating male. I'm sure you know what I mean. :)

All fandoms are welcome.


1. Posting Format
1.a Subject header: [Title] [(Fandom)] by [Author]
(for example: Bad (Sweet Valley High) by kannaophelia)
Feel free to add any other information you want in the header, such as rating or pairing, but those three fields are the important ones for ease of archiving.

1.b The body of the post should begin with this header:


2. Cut tags. Please put the story itself or any large images behind a cut-tag, to avoid friends-page hassles. If you don't know how, try reading the livejournal faq it looks like this, without the spaces: < lj-cut text="textgoeshere" >

3. Tags. Please tag your entries with fandom canon text name, and community promos and recs with "promo" or "rec".

If your fandom has more than one canon, you can optionally tag the fic with an extra tag to define which you're using. Example: a Wicked fic could be tagged just as "wicked", or as "wicked"; "wicked (book)"/"wicked";"wicked (stage)." Battle Royale could have the optional tags "battle royale (book)", "battle royale (manga)" or "battle royale (movie)", but please include the plain "battle royale" tag as well. "crossover" is also a recommended optional tag.

4. No sharing of copywrited material through the community.
Please don't share or request uploaded movies, episodes, torrents, whatever. Thanks.

False lj-cuts are not nice. If you prefer to use a link, use a link.

Any questions? Contact Kanna at kannaophelia or kanna ophelia @ live journal. com, or Romana at romana 03 @ g mail. com